The Project

EH-NKISHON is a Maa word for „Prosperity and Blessing“

Maa is the language of the Maasai – Just 2% of Kenya‘s Citizens are Maasai and forgotten by the government.

Eh-Nkishon, a community based organization (CBO) has been recognized by the Kenyan Goverment since 2012. Its task is to support  Maasai women in the Laikipia region. These women, who do hard work from childhood on, whose marriages are organised by their fathers, who bear an uncountable amount of children and are oppressed, are the foundation of this society. They organize the household, make sure that children get enough food and go to school, collect the firewood and help with herding the animals.

Since men don´t work, the survival of the families depends exceptionally  on the women. These cultural methods are inalterable.

These Maasai-women have been supported by Eh-Nkishon since 2012 – they took the chance to get a micro-loan. With a loan of just USD 20-50/=, a woman in this region can become independent with starting a commercial activity as for example buying and selling the milk and the young goats or producing the famous pearl-jewellery etc.

With the money they earn, they can offer a better future to the children.



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