The Project

Maa is the language of the Maasai. - The CBO "EhNkishon" (Community Based Organization), recognized by the Kenyan government, has set itself the task of supporting the lives of Maasai women in the Laikipia region. Women are the pillars of this society. They organize the household, ensure that the children get food, go to school and help to take care of the animals. Since men in this society are only responsible for the security of the community, survival depends largely on women. This culture is difficult and if so, it can be changed in small steps.

Our project has supported women with microcredit since 2012. With a loan of only 20-100 euros, a woman can become independent in this region. They open a “shop” where they sell the salt, sugar, corn flour, chai, etc., or they buy a sewing machine or make Maasai jewelry, which they then sell to tourists or buy goats and then sell the milk. With the money you earn, you can offer your children a better future.

We also pay school fees for two children from very poor families who are in high school.

In the time of CORONA we even support the whole community, because you e.g. have no money for soap and, as I have just seen, you don’t know what to do with the yellow cube - many have never seen or used soap. Many people learn to wash their hands properly.

It all sounds very banal, but the Maasai have always been left behind by the government and called "baboons" just because they live their 16,000-year-old culture.

We in the 1st world must not forget what people are doing in the 3rd world. If these people saw what we throw away, you couldn't understand it ...

The loans have been paid back 100% to this day - we work according to the successful model of Muhammad Yunus, who invented the Grameenbank (