Corona Aid Required
We are able to act immediately in times of Corona. So every family got ten bars of soap and the women no longer have to walk 8 km to the borehole, taking the risk of getting infected. The 3500 liter tank at the EhNkishon house is now permanently filled with fresh drinking water. Many thanks to the people who are happy to support the project every month. To date, there has been no case of Corona in the community.

In the meatime we have organized three more water tanks and filled them with 14,000 liters of drinking water. Another batch of soap was bought and is already being distributed to the families.

Thank God the community is located far away from a city and movement inside and outside was prohobited.

- July 12th: For the second time, soap is distributed to over 100 families

- May 20th: First Corona Aid